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Fan Fiction


The Legend of Zelda: A Storm of Wind and Time

Basic Storyline

A young boy named Link sets off from his home to go the annual Swordsman Tournament in Hyrule, the Mainland. A gang of pirates are planning to steal the Ocarina of Time and he gets caught up in the pirates' cunning plot. But, who is the real enemy? The pirates... or someone behind the King?


Rydia Story - Untitled

A story that's still in the Outlining process

  • Outlining Progress (20%)


Historical Fiction


Zeezrom, the Dragon, and the Hardened Heart

Religious Historical Fiction story

  • Chapter 1 - 20%
  • Chapter 2 - 0%

Note: There are more chapters than this, probably, it depends on how much I write.


Original Works (Fiction)


Chronicles of the Runes

The Adventures of Aegis Runestone

  • The World - 22%
  • History - 30%
  • Lore - 10%
  • Prologue - 0%
  • Chapter 1 - 99%
  • Chapter 2 - 2%
  • Chapter 3 - 0%
  • Chapter 4 - 0%
  • Chapter 5 - 0%
  • Chapter 6 - 0%
  • Chapter 7 - 0%
  • Chapter 8 - 0%
  • Chapter 9 - 0%
  • Chapter 10 - 0%

Note: There may be more chapters than this; it depends on how much I write.


Nanowrimo 2008

  • 1,068/50,000 words


Untitled Work

No details yet


The Three Rivers

No details yet


Untitled Work (Dragons and Pixies)

Inspiration from a Dream I had

Here's the idea


Original Works (Non-Fiction)


There Is Only One Story (Research Paper)

Comparison between the Book of Abraham and the Apocalypse of Abraham

Click here to read the paper.


Be Not Ashamed (Personal Essay)

My feelings about what type of person I wanted in a woman.

Click here to read the essay.


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