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See the Gateways, I participate at the Gaming Universe forums and am known as "Aegis Runestone" there.


Contact Advisement

Please do not flame me or send me spam. I know there are many religious parts on this site such as a profile for Jesus Christ that could lead to some anger and controversy; however, I am a very religious person--though not a touchy one--and I want to share the message of the restored Gospel with everyone. No one has to accept what I believe. I post it here for the sake of the truth, and then you can decide for yourself if I'm a lunatic or if I'm saying the truth. :p


If there is anything you think that could help me improve my site such as organization, typos, grammar errors, etc. I would like to know. However, do not force me to renounce my beliefs. Thank you!


Other Things

I hope you enjoy reading the stories, seeing the artwork, reading the profiles and exploring the lore stored here on this site. This is a Library after all, it contains fictional and non-fictional sides in the lore and profiles section. Why did I create this site? For fun, humor, interest, and joy!

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