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Page history last edited by Aegis Runestone 12 years, 6 months ago

Innumerable shelves of books are laid before you as enter this building, that carries the legacy of the Runestone Family, its tales, art, and stories. You are welcome to stay here as long as you like.

Recent Additions or Revisions to the Library (First item is most recent)

  • 07/21/2010 - Long time, no see. A banner has been added to the Art Gallery . 
  • 12/25/2009 - Merry Christmas! :D
  • 12/16/2009 - Art Gallery was fixed and a new banner was added.
  • 12/16/2009 - The Gatekeeper lost his comcast account, so he is re-uploading all the images from the Art Gallery. This could take awhile.
  • 3/20/2009 - The link to the Dark Portal has been fixed in the Gateways page.
  • 11/30/2008 - A new Banner has been added to the Art Gallery.
  • 11/21/2008 - It's the Gatekeeper's birthday! Wish him a happy birthday! :D
  • 11/01/2008 - A new Banner has been added to the Art Gallery.
  • 10/14/2008 - The Gatekeeper has seen it fit to open a new gateway to another realm! A Blue Portal has been open in the Gateways section!
  • 8/31/2008 - Fixed broken links in the Art Gallery.
  • 7/11/2008 - New Banner has been added to the Art Gallery.
  • 6/12/2008 - An update! Minor one, but Shadow the Hedgehog's profile is being created.
  • 5/06/2008 - New Banner added to the Art Gallery.
  • 4/10/2008 - Chapter 1 of A Storm of Wind and Time has been added again in the Books section.
  • 3/21/2008 - The Gatekeeper apologizes for the lack of updates. His studies have been boring into him.
  • 3/14/2008 - Front page uncluttered.
  • 3/12/2008 - Dates added for recent events.
  • 2/19/2008 - Videos have been split from the Art Gallery section and placed in their own section.
  • 2/19/2008 - A new Personal Essay - Be Not Ashamed has been added to the Books Section.
  • 2/11/2008 - Major Update Everything related to the Chronicles of the Runes, which is Aegis's planned novel; has been removed so that the ideas cannot be stolen.


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