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A Dark Portal

The Gaming Universe

My Favorite Forum Site to go, has an awesome staff and an awesome group of people. There's forum role-playing, game development, and more. Please come join us!

Enter the Dark Portal


A Red Portal

Runiecan Lore

This one leads the hidden pages of Runiecan Lore - Aegis's Journal

Enter the Red Portal


A Blue Portal

Kul'thran's Journal - The Mithril Plates

The new version of Kul'thran's journal with a new translation, unveiling new adventures that were never read before and recognizable older stories retold.

Enter the Blue Portal


A Green Portal

My Deviant Art Account

This leads to my deviant art account. I don't have much up, but expect to see stories up there soon.

Enter the Green Portal


A White Portal

Stungun's Database of the Warrior of Light

Made through the same wiki service; Stungun is a good friend of mine and I recommend visiting him, often.

Enter the White Portal


A Gold Portal

Find out the truth about Life

Have you ever asked questions of the Soul? Like, Who am I? Where did I come from? What my purpose here in Life? What happens when I die? These questions can be answered if you enter the Gold Portal.

Enter the Gold Portal


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